Reflections upon the defeat of the Trade Bill

By Dr. Rupert Read and Baroness Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones and Rupert Read, campaigning together for the Green Party.

Last week, the upper House inflicted a historic defeat on the Government’s Trade Bill. This article explains the reasons for and the significance of the defeat, in the context of the struggle over Brexit…

While writing my new book on how some films are shared dreams which can help us to awaken, I had a dream: a dream which I think reflects the reality through which we are sleepwalking to collective self-destruciton…:

I’ve just published a book, called ‘A film-philosophy of ecology and enlightenment’…

A friendly critique of Bendell’s ‘Deep adaptation’ paper

Climate-nemesis is near-certain. But “near-certain” is not yet “inevitable”. On the contrary, it is still uncertain. By making it sound inevitable, we run the risk of fomenting inaction at the worst possible time. We need to prepare for what is near-certain. But…

Rupert Read

Reader of Philosophy at UEA. Author, ‘Parents for a future’. Former national spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

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